Legal Document Management and Print Solutions for Law Firms

Digitalization of records and files means a more streamlined access for Attorneys, paralegals and Associates, without compromising security.

Enhance Your Legal Workflow

Traditional paper records in a legal business environment take up a great deal of space and consume hours of time while searching for information, case history, and other data sets.  Paper flows into the Firm through email, fax machines and courier and it is a full-time job (sometimes requiring multiple staff) to manage that ever-growing inventory of legal paperwork.

Wouldn’t it be better if law firms digitized their document management systems? Migrating to a digital method for record archival, case preparation and client information could save thousands of hours of manual work while improving data security and access.  The information your legal team needs securely encrypted and stored, with monitored access to only authorized personnel.

What are the document management priorities for law firms and legal teams?

  • Secure storage of confidential data.
  • Ease of adding bulk data, which can include adding files, evidence, statements and other records from multiple secure electronic sources.
  • Waste less time looking for traditional paper documents and reduce the risk of misplaced paper documentation.
  • Facilitate legal compliance by storing records on a secure server.
  • Save space and administrative time in file retrieval.
  • Securely share legal files of any size through a cloud server.
  • Work efficiently from any location, with the same information access points you would have within your corporate office.
  • Improve case performance and legal client services.

Digitalization of records and files means a more streamlined and fluid access for Attorneys, paralegals, and Associates, without compromising the security of confidential information.

Legal Compliance for Record Retention from the American Bar Association

Another challenge that law firms face, is the maintenance of archival records.  As you know, materials on clients and file retention have specific laws that require law firms to safely destroy confidential records within specific time frames, after the client is no longer represented by the Firm.

The State Bar of California has provided non-binding guidance on the retention period for client records, with a distinction between civil and criminal cases for the purposes of record retention requirements for law firms.  As criminal cases and files could be relevant to future habeas petitions, malpractice, innocence claims, probation hearings or situations of a petition for ineffective assistance of counsel claims, criminal case files may be stored indefinitely by law firms and the Attorney of note.

For criminal law cases in California, an attorney and law firm have the obligation to retain and preserve the client’s documentation, even after representation ends.  A process should be adopted that sends a written letter and notification to the client to assume possession of the file, enabling attorneys to reduce the expense and administrative burden of retaining documents by electronic means.  This also fulfills the ethical obligation to the client.

With a secure electronic document management system, legal teams can safely store and then set procedural reminders to encourage clients to request a copy of their file.  The documents can also be organized with scheduled reminders for disposal after the client has been provided with a copy of their case file and documentation.

Increase the security of stored case files, while reducing the manual inefficiencies of managing a traditional archive room and endless boxes of confidential information, by migrating to a secure document management system with MBS.

All of our Konica Minolta bizhub multifunction devices are ISO 15408 certified at EAL 3 — the highest level of certification for commercially available products. Let MBS help you manage compliance issues and lock down your data.

Seamless Integration with Worldox, Sharepoint or Workshare

Process case files before uploading them or simply scan directly into your software.
Dealing with documents in different formats – paper, Microsoft Office, PDF, etc. – can make collaboration not only inefficient but also costly and insecure. Our document management solutions make communication and collaboration possible at unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency.

  • Store Documents Your Way – all from the bizhub MFP control panel
  • Fast Indexing, OCR Conversion & Uploading
  • Instant File Accessibility, Sharing, and Retrieval

Document Creation and Processing

mbs document creation and processing

Repetitive document processing tasks can be automated before files are stored.
Whether you are drawing up a contract, preparing a case, or working on any other type of legal document – you want to spend as little time as possible on administrative work.

Dispatcher Phoenix offers you single-click processing of different kinds of lawyer-specific documents and functions, including:

  • File Conversion – Quick & Easy OCR and Searchable PDF Creation
  • Automatic Annotation and Intelligent Redaction
  • Automatic & Customized Bates Stamping
  • Rules-based Distribution with Connectors to Microsoft SharePoint, Google, and Worldox


mobility technology solutions for law firms

Retrieve, review & revise your documents anytime from anywhere.
The legal profession has been searching for best practices to leverage the influx of mobile devices across their firms. MBS will help you confidently develop and implement a mobile strategy that empowers your team, streamlines your workflow and answers your specific needs.

Konica Minolta mobility solutions and our IT Services get you moving with wireless access, the ability to accommodate multiple devices, and ensure data security and compliance through mobile device management.

Smart Print Management

Who’s really paying for all that printing?
Producing all of that paper for clients can hit the budget hard. What’s required is an automated system for cost reduction as well as management and cost recovery solutions that are fully integrated with your network.

With MBS’ Konica Minolta solutions, we can create such a system with bizhub multifunction devices that integrate into your network. From there, you get secure workflow management, network faxing, etc., and you can easily charge back to clients.

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