Secure Document Management

Take your documents to the cloud with a secure management system with custom permissions, analytics, and encryption.

Data privacy is law and the consequences for a data breach can devastate a business financially (with significant fines) and damage the trust that customers, clients, and patients have for your products or services.

The hardest part of digital transformation for businesses is learning how to maintain network security in an increasingly mobile work environment.  Data must be fluid, and assist (not impede) efficiencies and workflows.  But while the need for cloud IT and seamless data access, storage and exchange, presents an increased risk for data breach and theft of confidential information and intellectual property.

What Can a Secure Document Management System Do?

  • Store various types of word processing documents, files, emails, PDF, spreadsheets, sales and presentation collateral.
  • Enable keyword research to quickly local files pertaining to projects, departments, and other business activities.
  • Set administrative permissions and restricted access to certain documents.
  • Provide monitoring tools to see what users are accessing documents and collateral, including where they are viewing or downloading on VPN home networks, or in-office.
  • Set expiration dates for secure data deletion for documents that are outdated, or in compliance with personal records keeping requirements for personnel, financial information, and other types of data.
  • Incorporate version tools that track edits to documents and can recover older and archived versions for comparison.
  • Create seamless secure access for remote employees, through a VPN network.
  • Encrypted data transfer with a 2048-bit encryption key and SSL connection.

Lost files can cost you business. And an unsecured network can create the potential for a data breach and legal complications.  Trust our team at MBS to provide comprehensive secure document management systems that protect the integrity of your data and provide full control and monitoring on data access points in compliance with HIPAA, ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II security standards.

Protect your confidential information. Gain complete control over your data and set permissions that prevent collateral loss.  Ask us about our disaster recovery services and secure back-up services for your business needs.

Help your organization keep up with technology so that you can focus on what's important.

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