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The traditional office environment is changing and will continue to do so. We have the freedom to work on the road using our phones, in the park using our tablets, or halfway around the world using our laptops. Staying competitive in the contemporary business climate means seamless workflow designs that optimize productivity, no matter where or when your team needs to work.

Smart companies are busy seeking competitive advantages for their organizations and teams to reshape work by selecting and implementing the right tools and technologies to create their own workplace of the future. New technology from Konica Minolta makes it easy to automate important functions in the office while capturing essential data and enhancing your customer experience. MBS is the leading provider of smart workplace solutions for businesses in Central California.

The Receptionist for iPad

This simple visitor registration system can help you manage your visitor flow, allow two-way communication between hosts and guests, track who’s coming and going, set up delivery options, present legal documents to sign electronically, capture photos and automatically print badges for your visitors.

This is what the future looks with smart technology that integrates seamlessly into your work environment. The applications for Receptionist on iPad are limitless. Allow visitors to ‘check-in’ and notify your team of their arrival. Allow patients or clients to complete a service survey on their departure, to gather data on your customers and service performance. Enroll customers in your loyalty program or email marketing. Capture the opportunity to engage with your customers, while providing them with an advanced user experience every time they visit.

teem meeting room management

Teem Meeting Room Management

Ask any administrative professional how hard it is to manage meeting room bookings. For many organizations, maintaining an accurate list of available conference room space requires extensive manual administrative time. There is a better way to manage your meeting or conference space and schedule, with Teem.

This effective cloud-based solution for your meeting and conference room scheduling is a great way to help you rethink your workspace usage. Teem improves productivity by keeping meetings on track and enhancing the way your staff schedules and conducts those important gatherings. And its powerful analytics identifies space use behaviors, guiding you on where improvements are needed.

Teem is an invaluable asset to hotels and virtual offices, business centers and organizations that providing meetings and conference space services. Contact our team at MBS to schedule a demonstration of Teem or Alice Receptionist to see how your business can innovate a better way to manage meeting space.

alice receptionist

ALICE Receptionist

When a client or customer arrives at your business for a scheduled appointment, do you keep them waiting? Think of the manual process involved as your live receptionist must notify the employee or manager of the arrival. Meanwhile, your customer is waiting in the reception area.

Create a better experience for your customers and clients and reshape your workplace with ALICE, the virtual receptionist. A touch screen and live video technology allow ALICE to connect visitors directly with your employees, greeting them and notifying staff when a visitor enters your office space. In addition to a consistent customer service experience for guests, you’ll have improved security for your office—while saving money by forgoing a full-time staff member to manage your front desk foot traffic to your business.

WotF Double Robotics

Double Robotics

Robots in the workplace? You have probably already seen similar technological devices on television, where a remote user is able to see, hear and move through a local robotic unit. Double® 2 is there when you can’t be and it is an innovative way for managers and business owners to remain engaged with a physical presence, even when they are outside of the office.

Double® 2 is the world’s leading telepresence robot, providing a real, physical presence at work or school via a two-wheeled balancing robot with an attached iPad®. Weighing only 15 pounds, a user attaches an iPad to the Double unit then uses an iPad, iPhone® or web browser to control and drive the robot. It is the ultimate executive and management tool that goes beyond teleconferencing, to allow business leaders to be fully present during important meetings or conversations.



Global organizations increasingly recruit and rely on remote professionals to augment their talent pool. One of the most important considerations for businesses using remote workers is to facilitate seamless document management and collaboration tools to support productivity.

Foster Collaboration with cloud-based tools: among them Sharepoint, a platform that makes sharing information easier within and outside your organization; and FileAssist, a fully-managed file storage and collaborative solution that enables information sharing in a secure environment, while also improving workflow efficiency within the organization.

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