HIPAA Compliant Secure Document Management and Print Solutions

Reduce your risk of a data breach with compliant document management systems.

Did you know that there are over 58,000 active physicians in the State of California? There are also 341 hospitals serving patients across the state. That sounds like a high number until you consider that there are 39.56 million residents in California.

Each patient relies on the confidentiality and safe handling of their secure medical data because that information is highly sought after on the Dark Web.  Large data leaks from leading healthcare organizations is a sobering reminder of how critical of an investment data security is for every healthcare provider and institution.

Who Do You Trust with Secure Healthcare Information?

Who is managing your confidential health data?  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires that allied health businesses store and transmit electronic health records, diagnostics, images and records in a completely secure environment.   

Whether you own a group medical practice or manage the administrative record-keeping and data systems for a large hospital, there is nothing more confidential than personal health records.    The compromise of protected data not only damages the organization’s reputation but can result in significant fines and penalties for violating personal privacy laws.

One of the challenges that healthcare organizations face, is the process of storing and protecting personal health data while allowing for secure access by physicians and practitioners for quality patient care.  With multiple practitioners contributing data including notes, radiological and laboratory results, prescription data and more, the opportunity for a data breach and HIPAA violation is high.

We help healthcare organizations have complete confidence by providing hardware and IT development to ensure encryption and network security. At every level, and for every authorized user who requires that patient information for the delivery of quality health care.

Why Choose MBS and Mbit Managed IT Services?

Now more than ever before, it is important to trust a provider with the software and equipment to help you efficiently manage your secure data.   For over thirty years, MBS has served the medical community in Central California with managed IT and secure data and communication systems. 

We know the challenges that healthcare organizations face every day.  In addition to offering enhanced Cloud and IT solutions for the health sector, we also specialize in data security.   We make sure every customer we serve is protected using industry-leading software, document tracking, and storage systems.

In addition to providing quality data systems and hardware, internet and document security SaaS, we also offer monthly service contracts and monitoring to our commercial customers. Our team can help you respond quickly to any concerns, to help keep your encrypted healthcare data safe and secure.

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