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California farms and ranches received almost $50 billion dollars in cash receipts for their products in 2018.  The diversity of crops supported by rich soil and favorable weather allows for more than 400 agricultural commodities to be produced in the State of California. 

Did you know that two-thirds of American vegetables, fruits and nuts are grown right here in California? The USDA Economic Research Service has released preliminary data for the total performance of the California ag industry, highlighting some interesting figures.

In 2018, California produced:

  • $6.37 billion dollars of dairy products
  • $6.25 billion dollars of grapes
  • $5.47 billion dollars in almond crops
  • $3.19 billion in cattle and calve production

Agriculture is big business in California, and behind the production and performance of our agricultural industry is technology that helps farms and ranches grow.  MBS provides business technology and data solutions for commercial agriculture.

Inventory Management

From seed to feed, fertilizer and industrial chemicals, commercial fuel for equipment and freight or consumer packaging, the purchasing needs of large commercial agricultural businesses are great.   There is an opportunity to transform traditional paper processes to a more fluid and efficient digital format, with software designed to help ag business owners in California closely monitor their inventory needs while reducing waste.

Vendor Organization Systems

Establishing supplier relationships is key to the success of commercial ranches and growers.  But managing that long list of vendors, including logistics schedules for pick-up or delivery can be an administrative burden.  With a secure document management system and database, your vendor information, expenditures and delivery schedules can be viewed at a glance, anytime and anywhere.  Manage your purchase order approvals through a secure portal, to gain more control and monitor vendor agreements and costs.

Expense Reporting and Accounting

Accurate sales revenue and expenditure reporting is essential to ensure that agricultural businesses stay ‘in the black’ on their books.  With receipts and purchase orders, eligible tax reimbursements are made easier with a secure data management system from MBS.  Your revenue and expense summaries will be more accurate, with all information contributed to your central data repository that you can generate reports from, or view at a glance.

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