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Locally owned and operated since 1982.


All of us at MBS are committed to providing great products and solutions, outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and resource-rich technical, IT and sales teams. Our people are diligent, knowledgeable and most importantly customer oriented. They are our greatest strength!

The advantages MBS brings to every client include:

• Our people! We have one of the most tenured teams of any business in California. Some of people have been with us for more than 35 years! Even our ownership team started at the bottom and worked their way up.

• A long history of success and growth. MBS was founded in 1982 by Joel Trudeau – a local businessman who previously worked for Xerox in copier sales. Joel believed in his employees and when he retired, he sold the company to two long-time employees who run the company today.

• Commitment to our community – we have offices in both the Monterey Bay and the South Bay – where our customer base works and where our employees live.

• We have a partnered with All-Covered IT Services from Konica Minolta and can meet all your computing, networking, security and application needs, regardless of the type of business you’re in. We can be your in-house IT staff, provide supplemental support in specific areas, or take on key technology projects – all with the aim of freeing up your resources so YOU can focus on your core business objectives.

• MBS is actively involved in our communities, financially strong and owned by the same people that manage the company. We have the resources and know how to help improve your business processes so you can focus on your core products and goals.


Reliable office technology products that copy, print, fax and scan.


The largest local service and IT support staff in the South Bay region.


We do computer systems, network monitoring & IT support too.


Implement green technology in your office, save money & the environment.


Well trained, experienced, professional and ethical sales & support teams.


You receive the best possible service and products at all times.

Find the perfect solution for your workplace

If you’d like some help finding the right printer or copier solutions for your business, visit our request a quote page and give us a few details on what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide a list of recommended solutions, with quotes!

You want a relationship with a business partner you can trust. The challenge is finding one. Look no further. Throughout out 35 year history, MBS has always committed to the highest level of corporate ethics as reflected in our company values. Given the opportunity, we’ll prove to you that we’re the real deal when it comes to finding a local partner that you can trust.

Kellie Murphy

Managing Partner

Armando Gonzalez

Managing Partner

Dave Parara

Chief Operating Officer

Chia Paris

Director of Administrative Svs.

Terry E. Reese, Jr.

Director of Sales

Albert Saldana

Director of Service

Julie Ann Lozano

Community Advocate | Sales

Adam Hughes

Senior Account Executive

David Warner

Account Executive

Calila Mason

Education & Development Specialist


IT Supervisor


Greeter Emeritus

Want to join our team?

MBS Business Systems is growing, and we are always looking for talented individuals. Whether you are looking for an administrative, sales, IT or service position, we’d like to hear from you!


Your technology needs to be easy to use as well as gentle on the environment. With MBS, you will have the opportunity to implement green technology in your office. Free recycling of ALL consumables (including non-MBS equipment) and reduced energy consumption and packaging not only help the environment, but can also increase your profits and productivity.

Our innovative imaging solutions make efficient use of energy while enhancing office productivity. The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta’s cost-free consumables recycling program that adds zero waste to landfill and zero incineration

  • Replacing stand-alone copiers, printers & faxes with energy saving multi-function devices lowers your energy bill
  • Using double-sided printing cuts paper waste, with duplex speeds at 95% of simplex
  • Free toner and consumable recycling. We provide the box and Konica Minolta ships it to an environmental friendly recycling source.
  • Waste toner bottles, developer units, drums, etc., can be placed into a mid-range collection box or large gaylord. Note: All brands of consumables can be included with your Konica Minolta material in mid-range collection boxes or gaylords. (“Single Label Program” labels are still for use only with Konica Minolta branded material.)
  • ECO FRIENDLY PLASTICS Konica Minolta has developed a technology that blends PET plastic with PC from water bottles to create a recycled material that can be used in the outer casing of MFPs. This is the first use of recycled materials for the outer casing of MFPs in the industry. We have also started producing toner bottles made from recycled HDPE plastics from recycled milk bottles.
  • SIMITRI TONER Konica Minolta’s own Simitri toner is made with plant-based “biomass” materials. It contains smaller particles than ordinary toner which cuts toner consumption by 30+%.