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Real time fax messaging and low-bandwidth VoIP communication systems.

You have probably already heard about ‘internet’ phone systems for business and learned that it is a very cost-effective way to provide high-performance telecommunications for your business.  Without the big expense of traditional hardlines and conferencing systems.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) turns a standard Internet connection into a method of placing free phone calls.   Through this method of telephone communications, you are bypassing the telephone company and landlines (and the associated charges) completely.

How Does VoIP Work?

There are three standard methods of routing telephone communications through the internet for business networks. Some require the purchase of IP phones and equipment, while others simply require adapters and software to manage your new VoIP system.

Analog Telephone Adapter

Major carriers like AT&T and Vonage bundle ATA services with business internet packages, making it easy for commercial customers to convert existing phones to VoIP services.  The ATA is an analog to digital converter or adapter, that works with standard phones.  Simply plug in the adapter to connect the traditional analog phone to the desktop computer (or cable) and you are ready to go.

IP Phones

Internet protocol or IP phones are specialized hardware that installs quickly.  They look similar to standard business phones with a cradle, handset, and buttons for dialing and conferencing options.  All IP phones have an RJ-45 Ethernet connector, that directly connects the phone to your router, with pre-loaded software ready to manage IP calls. 

These Wi-Fi-enabled phones have another advantage; they can be set up to make a call from any location within your facility, as long as there is a Wi-Fi hotspot that the phone can connect to.  That means personnel such as managers and executives, staff and security can have a remote IP phone with them and stay connected no matter where they are working (or meeting) in the building.

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Computer to Computer Systems

Want to connect every desk and business center in your building with a telephone that can make long-distance calls with zero charges? When you choose a computer to computer VoIP system, and you have a high-speed cable or DSL internet service, you can eliminate your long-distance charges. When you call computer to computer using VoIP, the call is free. 

Our team at MBS can install a VoIP business telephone system and providing training and customization of your software. 

  • Choose when and where calls are forwarded to, or sequential first forward and second forward options to make sure your customers always get a live person on the phone.
  • Eliminate traditional voice mail (and all the time it takes to listen to and manage recorded messages).  With VoIP telephone systems, you can have your voice mail transcribed automatically to text and emailed to the recipient for a timely response.

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