Riso EZ221 Digital Duplicator wins BLI Summer 2013 Pick for Outstanding Duplicator

Riso Digital Duplicators consume a fraction of the power compared to high-speed 130 ppm copiers and printers.

Over the last few years Riso Incorporated has been working hard to expand on their full line of Digital Duplicators. All of this hard work has not gone unnoticed as the Riso EZ221 Digital Duplicator was awarded BLI’s Summer 2013 Pick for Outstanding Duplicator.

About Riso Duplicators

Most commonly seen in schools and churches, duplicators have also found a niche in print shops, reprographics departments and high-volume office environments. Not exactly your traditional printers and copiers, duplicators run on what is called a master/drum unit and ink system which which allows continuous printing at high speeds of up to 130 ppm. Over the last few years Riso has earned several other awards, from 5 Star Rating Certifications to BERTL’s Best Duplicator Line to name a few.

BLI’s Evaluation

In it’s evaluation process, BLI found the Riso EZ221 to have flawless reliability and excellent productivity. During it’s testing, BLI ran 600,000 prints during a 2-month period. The same testing was done on competitive duplicators from other manufacturers, but none had the flawless results of the Riso EZ221. In many cases, after a run of 600,000 impressions most duplicators will show signs of reduced image quality, quite the opposite for the Riso as testing showed consistent image quality after their testing was completed.

Part of BLI’s testing also includes ease of use and functionality. From replacing ink, to replacing masters, both are a simple and seamless process. Master replacement couldn’t be simpler as Riso has designed a clean and simple replacement procedure for end users. The Riso EZ221 also rated higher ink yields than the competitive models in its class. Additionally, Riso duplicators specifically the EZ221, can accommodate heavier paper stocks than other duplicators tested.

About BLI

Buyers Laboratory LLC is the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions. BLI’s semi-annual “Pick” awards are given to the hardware and software offerings that measure up as the best in BLI’s comprehensive evaluations, which assess a wide range of the most important performance factors for buyers.

Environmental Impact

Looking to do your part in helping the environment or simply want to save some green? Riso Digital Duplicators consume a fraction of the power compared to high-speed 130 ppm copiers and printers. In many cases, up to 75% less power consumed. Another huge power saving feature is that duplicators from Riso run cold, so there’s no need for them to warm up before you begin to make copies. Riso duplicators also use soy-based ink which makes for easy recycling as well.

How to Buy

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