The high cost of printing and imaging is no secret. Small-and-medium business through enterprise level, elementary schools through universities, and manufacturing through retail – the story is the same, putting marks on paper costs significantly – in terms of money and time. Under pressure to do more with less, organizations are looking for new and innovative ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. Gaining control of hardcopy devices with a managed print service will help reduce costs by an average of 30 percent, increase worker efficiency, and reduce the carbon footprint. Regardless of the size or industry, a managed print services (MPS) solution is the right path. 

Most organizations do not really know the true cost of document production. They may have some well-constructed data on certain subsets of documents, such as high-volume transactional documents produced in their data centers, or marketing collateral that is outsourced to agencies. Still, there is no single category or line item in the budget that captures the costs associated with personal or departmental communication devices such as personal printers, workgroup printers, scanners and fax machines. The acquisition costs, maintenance, consumables and support for these devices are scattered among cost centers and departments throughout the company. The departmental budgets in turn do not typically segment the expenses associated with printing. They are hidden in catch-all expense items like “Supplies” or “Office Equipment.” In fact, corporate profit and loss statements do not contain a line item for imaging equipment and operating cost. Thus, these costs remain largely unmanaged and out of control.   

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