Clean Planet Recycle Box Program

With MBS Works, our customers will have a new opportunity to implement environmentally friendly measures, without impacting productivity.


Our GREEN Promise

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We are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint as part of responsible corporate leadership and operations. Your technology needs to be easy to use as well as gentle on the environment.

With MBS Works, our customers will have a new opportunity to implement environmentally-friendly measures without impacting productivity.

Free recycling of ALL consumables (including non-MBS equipment) and reduced energy consumption and packaging help the environment and increase your profits and productivity. That’s how your business can make an impact every day, through eco-friendly recycling services.

Old equipment can be picked up, processed, and recycled to reduce waste. It is another way that MBS Works is working hard to support green business initiatives across California.

Let’s work together to reduce waste and recycle business equipment and hardware for a cleaner planet. Contact our team at MBS Works for more information.

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