Kip Releases Printer Status App

KIP Printer Status App provides information such as the printer name, model number and IP address.

For almost 10 years, MBS Business Systems has partnered with Kip America to support their entire product line of wide format printing products. Kip America has recently announced the Kip Printer Status App. The app provides immediate access to view and manage the current status of all KIP systems on the Network, via a single convenient user interface. It allows users and administrators to easily review the media, toner and printer status of an unlimited number of KIP printers on the WAN / LAN via any web browser.

KIP Printer Status App provides information such as the printer name, model number and IP address. It will also query the status of the printer and provide information such as:

  • Displays current Toner levels and alerts users/administrators when replacement is required:
  • Monitors the printer conditions, including Online/Offline, Open Covers, Mis-feeds, Service Status:
  • Meter Readings: Manual or Automated (administrator configurable)
  • Convenient access for Job Building, Image Viewing, Print Queue & Mailbox management
  • KIP Printer Status App is now available for FREE download from the KIP App Store: Located for direct download at

About KIP

KIP is a major manufacturer of digital plotters, printers and document imaging systems for the architectural, engineering and manufacturing industries. As a world leader in wide format document production technology, KIP offers an extensive wide format digital product range. KIP IPS copying, printing and scanning technology meets the ever-increasing demand for fast, high quality and cost effective digital reproduction.

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