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A law firm’s technology demands are critical. Typical needs include increasing productivity, reducing costs, automating processes and solving complex compliance and security issues. MBS knows about these demands and has one of the broadest legal specific solution portfolios to help you. Eliminate inefficiencies and reclaim hours of billable time with strategic workflow solutions. Our full suite of eDiscovery and document handling solutions can assist with pre-litigation planning and streamline your firm’s protocols while reducing the time needed to file and retrieve documents. And our robust security solutions protect and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

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Konica Minolta Bizhub Legal

The best support for legal practice
Whether you are drawing up a contract, preparing a case, or working on any other type of legal document – you want to spend as little time as possible on administrative work. Bizhub LEGAL offers you single-click processing of different kinds of lawyer-specific documents and functions, including searching, editing, converting, splitting and combining as well as digitally storing documents. Naturally, it fully complies with legal regulations and governance requirements, while integrating deeply with your existing document locations and fulfils the highest security standards in the market.

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Document Creation & Processing

Unprecedented speed & efficiency
Dealing with documents in different formats – paper, Microsoft Office, PDF, etc. – can make collaboration not only inefficient but also costly and insecure. Our document management solutions make communication and collaboration possible at unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency by allowing notes, annotations, stamps or watermarks to be easily added, documents redacted or important information highlighted.

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eDiscovery Legal Brochure

Security & Compliance

Law firms like yours have become a treasure trove for hackers as they are the least guarded path to their clients’ confidential data. So it’s no surprise that security and compliance measures account for a growing portion of a firm’s IT budget. You need to deploy multiple policies and advanced legal records management measures that identify and mitigate risks. You must prove that your clients’ assets are secure in a provable way. MBS can help your firm do that. All of our Konica Minolta bizhub multifunction devices are ISO 15408 certified at EAL 3 — the highest level of certification for commercially available products.

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bizhub SECURE Brochure


Retrieve, review & revise your documents anytime from anywhere.
The legal profession has been searching for best practices to leverage the influx of mobile devices across their firms. MBS will help you confidently develop and implement a mobile strategy that empowers your team, streamlines your workflow and answers your specific needs. Konica Minolta mobility solutions and our IT Services get you moving with wireless access, the ability to accommodate multiple devices, and ensure data security and compliance through mobile device management.

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Dispatcher Phoenix Mobile Printing Brochure

Print Management

Who’s really paying for all that printing?
Producing all of that paper for clients can hit the budget hard. What’s required is an automated system for cost reduction as well as management and cost recovery solutions that are fully integrated with your network. With MBS’ Konica Minolta solutions, we can create such a system with bizhub multifunction devices that integrate into your network. From there, you get secure workflow management, network faxing, etc., and you can easily charge back to clients.

Find out how MBS’ legal solutions can help with your firm’s costs controls, productivity and efficiency.

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